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Our photo should be here I look like this I am very happy to be married to Elizabeth Chmielewska.
Living our life as a married couple overfills both of us with vivid, deep happiness. Our constantly growing love is one of the greatest gifts God gave us on this earth.

We have two children: Agness and Mark, born in 1994. Bringing up children is not a paradise; sometimes it's very funny, however.

We both participate in the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church. We invite you to the meetings of our group ADONAI, held on each Friday at 19.15, at the Dominican monastery, 10 Freta St., Warsaw ("Kapitularz" chamber, entrance through the garden, from the Northern side). Each meeting begins with the Holy Mass.

We were faithful readers of the monthlies List ("The Letter"; in Polish) and Biblia - krok po kroku ("Bible - step by step", in Polish).

LongerChair Lift and Staszelówka
Mediumu Kułacha - Błociska Clearing
Małe Ciche - ski lifts
Rowery Raz na wozie, raz rowerem

My hobby?

How to get time for that?

In summer we ride bicycles a little, in winter we made ski (until recently). We like Małe Ciche (a village in Tatra mountains, its name means "Small, Silent"). The slopes there perfectly fit our skills (now it is the past). I like driving.

WE swim! We jump!

Sometimes we swim a bit. In various ways.

How I eat I really like eating. Everything that is prepared by my wife.

One of my favourite dishes is spaghetti alla Genovese. It is pasta (spaghetti) with pesto (a kind of green paste) and lots of parmigiano.

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